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World Champ Dallas Friday Rides Dry and Drives Dry

Always designate a sober skipper.

World Wakeboard Champion and 4-time X-Games Gold Medalist Dallas Friday reminds everyone to take the pledge and avoid alcohol while boating. Whether you’re driving the boat or shredding the wake, always Ride Dry and Drive Dry.

The U.S. Coast Guard is asking all boat owners and operators to help reduce fatalities, injuries, property damage, and associated healthcare costs related to recreational boating accidents by taking personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their passengers. Essential steps include: wearing a life jacket at all times and requiring passengers to do the same; never boating under the influence (BUI); successfully completing a boating safety course; and getting a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) annually from local U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, United States Power Squadrons®, or your state boating agency’s Vessel Examiners. The U.S. Coast Guard reminds all boaters to “Boat Responsibly!” For more tips on boating safety, visit www.uscgboating.org.