Why Center Consoles Only And The U.S. Coast Guard Are Talking About Sober Boating

Boating personalities join forces to support the Ride Dry Drive Dry pledge

If you follow some of the biggest names in boating, fishing and wake sports on social media, you may have noticed something. A lot of them are talking about sober boating these days. They’ve joined forces with the United States Coast Guard to combat the biggest threat to boating safety – boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In this video, Alan Blanco of Center Consoles Only visits with the crew of a USCG rapid-response boat, who all too often come face-to-face with the consequences of drinking while boating.

“Did you guys know that the number one contributor to all marine-related deaths and accidents is alcohol?” Alan says. “As a captain of your vessel, you’re responsible for your friends, family and getting everyone home safe. And that’s why we always Ride Dry and Drive Dry.”

“We are dispatched to thousands of accidents a year, and alcohol is a leading known contributor to boating accidents and fatalities,” adds U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Dillon Durando. “Just like in a car, alcohol and boating do not mix.”

Also joining the Ride Dry movement are wakeboarding legends Shaun Murray, Dallas Friday and Steel Lafferty, and professional anglers such as Capt. Shaw Grigsby and Capt. George Poveromo. Many of America’s favorite fishing influencers are also on board, including Michelle (@bombchelle_fishing) Dalton, Darcie (@darcizzle) Arahill, Erica (@erica_lynn.2) Lynn and the Gale Force Twins. So when you see their Ride Dry messages pop up on your favorite social network, give them a like, smash that subscribe button, and take the pledge to Ride Dry and Drive Dry.