Choosing the Right Life Raft

Selecting the appropriate life raft could help save your life.

September 28, 2011
Life raft
Two key questions come into play when choosing a life raft: What kind of boat do you have, and where are you going? USCG
Switlik’s Rescue Pod
Switlik’s Rescue Pod is as basic as a life raft gets, intended only to keep survivors out of the water and protected from weather when rescue is imminent. Courtesy The Manufacturer
Coastal Compact
Revere’s Coastal Compact comes in three sizes for two to six people with an optional canopy to protect from sun and spray but little else. Courtesy The Manufacturer
Viking RescYou Pro
Most life rafts may inflate upside down and need to be righted. The unique canopy shape of Viking’s RescYou Pro rolls the raft upright no matter how it inflates. Courtesy The Manufacturer
To head off potential problems between inspections, experts suggest storing rafts inside during winter layup and finding a mounting location where it won’t be baked by direct summer sun. Courtesy The Manufacturer