Bringing a Halt to Boating Under the Influence

The Coast Guard is cracking down to help decrease alcohol-related accidents.

November 18, 2011
Coast Guard patrolling
The Coast Guard, along with state and local marine law-enforcement agencies, patrol the lakes, rivers and coastal areas, and keep a lookout for people boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. USCG photo
Boarding officers
Boarding officers practice field sobriety tests on a volunteer as part of their BUI training. Alcohol is a primary factor in nearly 1 in 5 boating fatalities, especially during the summer months. Pamela J. Manns
Alcohol confiscated during patrol sweep.
Boater arrested
Coast Guard officers arrest a boater for boating while intoxicated. USCG photo
Operation Dry Water
Operation Dry Water is a national weekend of stepped-up enforcement of BUI laws that puts the Coast Guard, state and local marine law enforcement agencies, and boating safety organizations out in force, educating recreational boaters about the dangers of operating a vessel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. USCG photo