Cutting It Close | Boating Safety

Cutting It Close

Never round points too close, especially at speed.

America’s waterways and winding rivers provide some of the most exciting boating destinations and best fishing spots. But when you’re in too much of a hurry to get to those places, there are some navigation challenges you might miss.

When you're navigating around points and you take them too close, you risk losing much more than that great fishing spot or the best anchorage. In this video, a veteran marine patrol trooper on the Lake of the Ozarks shares a tragic accident he responded to a few years ago, and how it could’ve been avoided.

Two bass fishermen came around a point from opposite directions, both traveling too fast and too close to the point. By the time they saw each other it was too late to avoid a catastrophic collision. Learn from their mistake, and always maintain a line of sight and leave plenty of room when rounding points.

This simulation of the dangers of unsafe navigation was made possible by the generous support of Bass Cat Boats.