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  • US Coast Guard diver with helicopter
    SFTV embeds with the U.S. Coast Guard to document their constant preparation to protect boaters and save lives.

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  • Towing a tube

    Riding on towable tubes is one of the most accessible and inclusive ways there is to enjoy the water.

    Riding on towable tubes is one of the most accessible, inclusive and just plain fun ways there is to enjoy the water. But the greater surface area on a tube produces…
  • As boat captain, it's your responsibility to maintain an unobstructed view from the helm.

    Rule 5 requires that every vessel “shall at all times maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing…
  • Engine Cutoff Devices

    Simple and mechanical, it’s practically foolproof—if you’re wearing it.

    A killswitch is a great addition to any boat, and could potentially save your life someday.
  • Improving Boating Skills

    The best time to improve your boating knowledge is now.

    Coursework, particularly the many nationally recognized courses available, lets you dip deeper into boating now, and safely enjoy being on the water later.